Gareth Mithrian

Quick with a blade and quicker with a crossbow, Gareth is the kind of guy who is permitted to drink quietly in bars by criminals and lawmen alike.


Gareth Mithrian

Human Male

Ranger (10)

HP: 89
Initiative: 4

Ability Scores
Strength: 16 (3)
Dexterity: 18 (
Constitution: 16 (3)
Intelligence: 14 (
Charisma: 13 (+1)

Saving Throws
Will: 6
Fortitude: 10
Reflex: 11

AC: 25
10 + 4 (dex) + 1 (dodge) + 8 (armor) + 1 (ring) + 1 (amulet)

Base attack bonus: 10


Once a mercenary and bounty hunter of some renown, Gareth Mithrian now serves Duke Alurod as Minister of Intelligence. He is an accomplished marksman and moderate swordsman, but his greatest skills lie in investigation and the pursuit of his quarry.

Though not especially devout, Gareth is a follower of Sourtdar the Finder, god of self-reliance and the Hunt.

Not much is known about Gareth’s early life.

He sometimes speaks of his years spent as a mercenary guard, providing security for trade caravans, the estates of lesser nobles, and anyone else with two coins to rub together. The pay was often poor and his commanders cruel and inept, so after learning rudimentary swordsmanship and paramilitary procedure, Gareth ventured into the wilderness in search of a life away from the great throngs of humanity in the heart of Perdar.

It was not to be, however. Less than a day from the city, Gareth was overtaken by a pair of riders, one in pursuit of the other. With a short horsebow, the pursuer downed his quarry, dismounted, and executed the man while Gareth watched from concealment on the side of the road. The hunter removed a cowl and revealed herself to be a woman some ten years Gareth’s senior. She calmly bound the man’s corpse to his horse and tied the animals together, a procedure taking a full ten minutes while Gareth watched in morbid fascination. She then unlimbered her bow, nocked an arrow, and ordered Gareth to come out of hiding or accept an arrow as replacement for his left eye.

Gareth became the woman’s apprentice, who turned out to be the living-legend known only as Alyx. Alyx was the boogeyman of Perdar’s legal grey area, the spirit of vengeance that appeared to cut down those who ran too long from the law when their crimes were too grievous. Most believed Alyx was a mere man, but few suspected she could be a mere woman. She trained Gareth for ten years, occasionally permitting him to assist her with retrievals and even sending him on his own missions, albeit safer and less consequential should he fail (which he sometimes did). When the decade had elapsed, Alyx declared the apprenticeship ended, and disappeared.

For the next two years, though he took retrieval contracts as they came, Gareth spent most of his energy looking for Alyx. He never found a trace, and eventually surrendered the search and focused on his work. It was only then that he realized when people said Alyx, they were now referring to him. He accepted the dual identity and spent a number of years as his former master had, hunting down the worst of Perdar’s escaped criminals and delivering them back to lawful hands. In his role as Alyx, Gareth recommended himself to sometime client Duke Alurod as an intelligence specialist and spymaster, retiring unsucceeded. Tales of the great bounty hunter have waned in recent days, leading the population to believe that Alyx was either killed or, more likely, has moved on.

Gareth Mithrian

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