Nalche Le'emun

An aje'em with a smattering of sparkling freckles, a blade, and a taste for adventure.


This is where the crunch goes. As I haven’t created this character yet, I don’t know this information. Feel free to put whatever works for you here.


Nalche is an aje’em who is short and has a light build. His eyes, as all aje’ems’, are clouded white and he wears his silver hair pulled back into a ponytail that reaches halfway down his back. His skin is very dark blue and he has a smattering of sky-blue freckles, though a number of them have been tattooed with silver to appear more starlike. He has gaunt features that add to the strangeness already common of his race.

His ears are pierced and decorated in the Vorban style with large bangles in his right ear and two small rings in his left. He wears a large hat that on someone larger and more attractive might look dashing, but it mostly seems to serve to block the sun from his eyes. Attached to the bottom of the hat is a black veil, though he avoids using it.

He is currently dressed in a set of grey clothes that have a fancy cut to them, but appear to be simple linen. The sleeves of his shirt are long and nearly cover his black gloved hands.


Nalche grew up in a small house shared with his parents, three grandparents, and a couple of older sisters. He learned how to play an instrument from a young age, but it wasn’t until later that he picked up the sword. He has a number of contacts in Vorban, but most would remember him as a fairly insignificant worker at the local university. He never received formal education, but was taught how to read by a helpful professor and has developed a fascination with learning.

Nalche comes from Vorban without any significant adventuring history, but a practiced sword hand and a thirst for the unknown.

Nalche Le'emun

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