Crunch coming soon! The aje’em are a race of dancers, artists, and gypsies in a less than hospitable world without any real base of power. While human, elf, dwarf, and other races have formed cities and nations, the aje’em have remained visitors in others’ realms. What they lack in political power, they make up for in creativity and grace.
Aje’em are shorter than most human, but taller than most dwarf with generally slender frames. Their skin ranges in color from sky blue to deep purple generally with lighter freckles on the face. Their cloudy eyes are large and a very light grey similar to that of the moons. Those who have hair (and many don’t) have only stringy strands that stick firmly to the head.
Though generally looked down upon as a lesser race, aje’em have an almost childlike grace about them that face to face can win over even the sourest of hearts. Their slender frames and abnormally long fingers make them adept at getting out of tight situations.
Play an aje’em if you want to:
  • Be naturally graceful and full of energy
  • Draw eyes everywhere you go.
  • Be a good match for bards, rogues, and warlocks.
  • Racial History

    In the Age of Elders, the first elf was created by Banler. Ale’ema saw this fine creature and rushed to him to take him as her mate. For a time the two were happy and Ale’ema became with child. The child she created was tall and handsome with all of the best traits of either parent and glowing blue skin. But the child became sick with envy for his mother’s affection. One night while his father slept, he took a vine and strangled his father until he was dead. He took a sharp rock and plucked out his father’s eyes, pulled out his tongue, and cut off his fingers, throwing all of these into a river that his mother would not recognize the elf.

    Ale’ema returned to Lorreth and found her desecrated husband and her child missing. She begged of ((The God of Vengeance)), “Find the man who killed my husband. Shrivel his body, cast fire upon him, and make his hands useless that he may not kill again.” ((The God of Vengeance)) found the aje’em trying to scrub the blood of his father from his hands and did as Ale’ema asked, bringing the child back.

    When she saw her son, Ale’ema wept, her tears falling on the child’s face. Her tears brought freckles of his previous skin to it’s proper color though the rest remained burned. She nursed him back to health and taught him to use his hands again, though his fingers were so stretched that they would never be able to match those of another fighter. Though she had condemned her son, her hand protected him now from the fury of Banler. Before Banler found the body of the elf, she received the destroyed eyes, tongue, and fingers from Fequa and brought them to Rynelm. Rynelm took each and formed new creatures, from the powerful eyes he formed the drow, from the wise tongue he formed the eladrin, and from the dexterous fingers he formed the elves. When Banler saw these, he was pleased as his one creation had been formed into three. But he no longer trusted the aje’em and sent the elves to safety, the drow under the ground, the eladrin into the feywild, and the elves into the forest. The aje’em he cursed to never hold a land as their own and to be unable to give birth except under Ale’ema’s watchful eye.

    To this day, the aje’em wander Lorreth trying to find a way to escape the curse put on them and pray thanks to their mother who forgave them.


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