Ale’ema the Watcher

Ale’ema is the Goddess of Art and the Moons. She watches over all of Lorreth and she sees all that occurs. Her wisdom and visions are readable from the stars that float in the sky. She observes, rarely acting out of turn but knowing all that goes on, though moments of exceptional beauty cause her eyes the shine especially bright.

Ale’ema is rarely portrayed in a humanoid form as her eyes (the moons) are visible every night as well as the stars that grace her face. When she is to be shown, it is almost always with a scene of the night time sky.

Her sister is Fequa the Sea.

Edicts of God

  • Be watchful for moments of beauty.
  • Never destroy things designed to bring pleasure to the heart.
  • Shadows will not hide you. Always act as though you are being watched.

    Worshipers of Ale’ema

    Temples to Ale’ema are built in areas where an open roof can show the night sky to it’s best potential. On account of this, her temples are frequently on hills to avoid anything blocking the view. Her priests wear clothing with images of the sky, always meticulously copied down from an night as a sign of respects. Her temples are all but empty during the day, but at night priests and worshipers come forth to revel in the beauty of their careful architecture as well as to share other crafts.

    Ale’ema’s worshipers tend to be upper class citizens (especially nobles) as it is difficult to worship her properly with the need to work during the day and worship at night. An exception to this is sailors and prophets who depend upon her for knowledge. Her children, the aje’em, also worship her steadfastly as they are protected by her hand.

    Notable Worshipers

  • Aleema

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