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Welcome to the world of Lorreth!

This wiki is very much a work in progress as I’ve got a whole bunch of information to put in here. It will definitely be advanced quite a bit as time goes on, but for now I’m just putting information as I uncover it from the multitude of scattered notes I have.

Pages So Far

This will all get sorted as soon as I have enough pages to really do categories!

Lorreth- This is the information that I posted at home. Just wanted to get it a second place to live right now though it will be edited quite a bit when I get around to it.

Pantheon-The Major Gods of Lorreth and little snippets of information. Each God will also get it’s own page with more information.

Western Continent is where both campaigns are currently based, though there is definitely no restriction about leaving.


The guild run state of Vorban was added 4/21/09.

Ale’ema’s write up is now available.

Creating racial crunch is much more difficult than I anticipated. Some of the fluff is now up, but aje’em is going to be going on hold for now.

Whatever people request will be put up as soon as possible!

Main Page

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