The Pantheon

There is one major pantheon of Lorreth that almost all sentient creatures worship. Although the Gods are sometimes shown differently by different cultures or races, they stand for the same things and go by the same names.

A Note On The Elder Gods

Not much is known about the Elder Gods except that they are the ones who originally created Lorreth. Apart from the Twisted Claw and The Bone Witch their names have been lost to history.

The Major Gods

Note: The Major Gods will be listed in alphabetical order for easy reference.

Ale’ema is the Goddess of Art and the Moons. She is especially worshiped by her children the aje’em and sailors. During the night her eyes shine down as she watches over all of Lorreth.

Azray is the Everchanging. Very little is known of Azray. Azray is neither male nor female, kind nor cruel. It is said that none has ever seen Azray’s face.

Banler is the God of Redemption and Vigilance. He is many times referred to as the Creator or Father God. All who walk in the light worship him though especially those who feel desire to fight against the dark powers that exist across Lorreth.

Brinal is the God of the Sacrifice. Whether it is giving of oneself in service of others or blood sacrifices on dark altars, Brinal craves the giving of mortals. Goblins and Orcs are especially fond of the darker sacrifices.

Emech is the God of Ruthlessness and Dominance. For his followers, there is no victory but absolute victory. There will be no quarter offered nor accepted.

Fequa is the Goddess of Water and Nature. Her worshipers admire her steadfast nature and her ability to be whatever she needs to be. She is in every drop of water in Lorreth.

Kelsamurn is the Goddess of Healing and Shelter. Her followers hate violence and many of them go so far as to take oaths preventing it.

Lofaell is the Goddess of Freedom and the Fey. Elves, Eladrin, and all other Fey creatures hold her especially dear. The holy forests that she created still whisper with her grace.

Om’or is the God of Crafters and the Home. He is the patron god of the dwarven people and those who create things of use. It is said that he pulled the earth out of the sea with his bare hands.

Ovesskael the Thrice Cursed is the God of Pain and Betrayal. He is the twin brother of Banler and fights him tooth and nail. Those who have fallen into darkness and wish to try to avoid being destroyed by Banler’s wrath frequently ally themselves with Ovesskael. But even a single slip up in his service will bring eternal damnation and pain.

Rynelm is the God of Knowledge and Research. Scholars and students worship him in their attempts to learn every last bit of information hidden away across the lands.

Sayris is the Goddess of Love and Oaths. She is married to Ovesskael and is the only being who can stand to his wraith. Those who swear honorably or marry loyally are hers.

Sourtdar is the God of Self-Reliance and the Hunt. His followers seek to find what has been lost and remember that they must use all that they take.

Therratas is the God of Revenge and Greed. Kobolds especially pay homage to him in hopes that he will infuse their blood with draconic power.

Tincha is the Goddess of Swordplay and Tactics. Those who view warfare as an artform worship her. Through training, enlightenment is attained.

Tocim is the God of Mischief and Trickery. Those who delight in practical jokes and deception worship him. Although he himself mostly delights in more random acts of deception, it is not uncommon for Lords to invoke his name before making a political move.

Yercer is the God of Material Wealth and Bartering. Halflings and those with a desire for material wealth worship him as well as those who simply enjoy the sparkle of gold and gems. The shine of diamonds comes from his eyes, sparkling at their own wealth.


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