The city of Perdar is regarded by many to be the grandest city in all of Lorreth. It is without a doubt, the largest and most diverse city in the world, housing all of the civilized races and smatterings of the more savage creatures. Located on the Eastern tip of the Western Continent, it is in a position ideal for trading and is an important port city.

Districts of Perdar

The Central Square of Perdar is believed to be the largest open market to have ever existed. Vendors may purchase or rent specific plots on which to sell or go to designated free for all areas. At least some stands are open all night.

The Temple District is one of the most beautiful in the city. All of the Gods have a representative temple here and it is a very lively place. Vendors sell religious jewelry and art on the side of the road and all manner of services can be acquired within the actual temples.

The Underground is a complex system of sewers and tunnels designed to assist with transportation of goods.


Because of Perdar’s status as a trading city it has quite a bit of diversity. People from all over Lorreth can be found and skin tones range dramatically. However, the ‘native’ Perdarian (generally those who have lived in or around Perdar for at least four generations) are generally between 5’6” and 6’6” and tend to have wiry frames. They have thick, straight hair that varies from red to pale blonde, eyes that are blue, gray, or hazel, and light skin that tans to a pale gold. They have angular faces with small noses and narrow eyes. The majority of Perdarians are humans followed by a number of civilized races.

Clothing is also very eclectic and fashions can be spotted from all corners of Lorreth. The majority of Perdarian peasants and craftsmen favor relaxed clothing in light browns or blues. Wrap around skirts and tunics are very popular styles. Noble fashion favors conservative dresses with complex embroidery at the shoulders and trailing sleeves for women and dark colored coats with simple gold embroidery on the sleeves for men.

Religiously Perdarians are varied, though they tend to spend less of their time worshiping than other peoples, partially on account of how crowded all of the temples are.


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