Sourtdar the Finder

Sourtdar is the God of Self-Reliance and the Hunt. Before his edicts came into effect, the world was filling with all manner of beast and animal. Sourtdar then came to the animals and instructed them of the need to turn on and eat each other to maintain the world’s ability to keep them. At first, Fequa was furious. She threw oceans at those who would harm others, but with time she realized the need for the balance. Sourtdar and Fequa were wed and had a child Tocim.

Sourtdar is frequently portrayed as a strong, able-bodied man with a tired face. He is frequently shown with clothes made from animal hides carrying a long, curved knife. His patron animal is a single, starved-looking hyena, frequently shown next to a pool.

Edicts of God

  • Do not consume more than you require.

  • Do not kill more than you will consume.

  • Let what is hidden be found.

    Worshipers of Sourtdar

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    Notable Worshipers

    Gareth Mithrian

  • Sourtdar

    Lorreth brandonleon