Vorban is the southernmost country of the Western Continent. It is a heavily populated area mostly populated by humans and elves. Vorban is organized around a caste system that allows a fair amount of mobility. Outsiders are generally looked down upon for failing to live by their democratic leanings.

Capital City of Vorbe

Vorbe (located in eastern Vorban) is the largest city in the country and is by all accounts a bustling metropolis. Because of it’s location and high population the streets of Vorbe are always very hot and dry. Buildings are constructed with high windows and are marked with colored doors to show their purpose. Outsiders are frequently confused by the lack of signs to designate businesses from residential areas as well as determining what each color means.

Vorbe, and indeed all of Vorban, is controlled by the leaders of the very prominent and important guilds. These guild leaders are elected by registered members and hold office for varying amounts of time depending upon guild regulations. The most prestigious guild leaders form the core council while less important guilds are delegated tasks. All guild members are expected to vote for their leader at the appropriate time.


Vorbans are almost exclusively human or elven (with a fair population of half-elves). Vorbans are a shorter people (generally between 4’10” and 5’10”) with delicate builds. They tend to have thick, curly hair that is almost always kept close. Vorban women generally dye their hair black, though most generally already have dark brown hair. They have olive skin with ruddy cheeks and tend to have eyes that range from pale green to frighteningly bright emerald.

The caste system has a significant effect on clothing (especially in the city of Vorbe where status is more important). All clothing is marked with the appropriate colors of the guild that the wearer belongs to. Although not illegal, it is considered very strange (and possibly immoral) to stray from this. Layering of shirts is very common though also connected to status. Those without guilds may not wear more than one layer of shirt while those of higher status are encouraged to layer according to wealth. Guild leaders are the only ones allowed to layer seven shirts by law. Layered shirts is not only a sign of status, but of wealth as the heat makes it uncomfortable to wear heavy materials and lighter materials cost far more. A Vorban who sweats under multiple shirts is considered to be acting above his station. Men and women dress largely the same way with loose shirts and equally puffy pantaloons, usually of a darker guild color.

By law, non-human or elven Vorbans are not allowed to wear hoods, hats, or other clothing pieces that cover face or head. Vorbans (and outsiders) with horns are required to wear their hair closely cropped to the head.


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