The first age was the Age of the Elders. The High Gods created the world. It was a world of chaos and destruction with twisted mortals only existing for the amusement of the gods. The Twisted Maw and the Bone Witch ruled over all.

In their search for more destruction, they created a male child, Banler. Banler looked upon the world in horror, taking in the chaos and pain. He turned on his parents and defeated them. His father he killed, but in a moment of mercy, he spared his mother, sending her to live forever under Lorreth.

The second age was the Age of the Immortals. Banler cleansed the lands of Lorreth of their evil, putting the twisted creatures out of their misery. From him came each of the other Gods, Ale’ema (Goddess of Art and the moons), Om’or (God of crafters and the home), Lofaell (Goddess of Freedom), Yercer (God of Thieves and Merchants), Therratas (Dragon-God of Revenge and Greed), Brinal (God of Goblins and Sacrifice), Tincha (Goddess of Swordplay and Tactics), Emech (God of Ruthlessness and Brutality), Sourtdar (God of Equality and Giving), Tocim (God of Tricksters and Mischief), Azray (Goddess of Roads and Travel), Kelsamurn (Goddess of Healing and Shelter), Rynelm (God of Knowledge and Reason), Fequa (Goddess of Water and Nature), Sayris (Goddess of Love and Honor), and his brother Ovesskael (The Thrice Cursed God of Betrayal). Together they created the world, bring mortal life and magic, love and hate, and all that we perceive.

Their wisdom ushered in the next age, The Age of the Tongue. The Tongue symbolizes the communication and knowledge of that age. Many great things were done that in modern days may only be dreamed of. The people, civil and greenskin alike lived in peace and all were prosperous.

The next age was one of pain, The Age of the Claw. The world turned on itself and war reigned. There is not a family name that was not affected by this horrible event. Temples, cities, and homes were burned to the ground. Some believed that it would be the end of civilization completely. Even those we would consider to have been the heroes committed atrocities. From this came dark villains, such as Rait Cogado the Spider who betrayed life itself, and heroes, such as Lord Daykad Perrilian who stood alone before the gates of Perdar and held back the Claw with only his few guards.

In the end, no one can say who won the War of the Claw. In some areas of Lorreth, the War rages on. But the age has passed. None can say what this new age will hold but surely it will be one of heroes.

The civilized races have come to peace with each other, bonds made by alliances still holding fast. Humans, elves, dwarves, aje’em, eladrin, gnomes, and halflings live together in peace. Some of the greenskins have even made their way into civilized society. It’s rare to come to a city where kobolds aren’t pulling wagons or a couple of dragonborn aren’t available to split a head that needs splitting.

And while the Gods seemingly turned their backs on the world during the Age of the Claw, they have returned. For many this is a chance for adventure, fame, and fortune. And perhaps they can prevent the war from starting anew.


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